UrlHum URL Shortener

The modern, advanced, privacy-aware URL Shortener built in PHP and the Laravel framework.

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Meet UrlHum

We take privacy very seriously (for real). That's why UrlHum has all the functions to provide a perfect privacy-driven experience.

Feature 01

IP Address Hashing

users IP addresses are hashed when saved in database

Feature 02

IP anonymizing

users IP addresses are anonymized when getting users country

Feature 03

Privacy Policy ready

write your Privacy Policy directly in the admin control panel

Feature 04

Cookie banner ready

coming soon

Show and edit the cookie banner directly from the admin page

The Power of UrlHum

Find out how UrlHum, still respecting users privacy, can provide you so much info about URLs statistics.

Clicks, Real Clicks, Views and Real Views based on Country, Referers List and much more.

Power of customisation

Do you want your site to be just for your use, so no one can register? No problem. It's in the settings. Users must be registered to create Short URL? That's okay. It's in the settings.

From your admin panel you can edit pretty everything of your website. The choice is yours.

Open Source

UrlHum is Open Source, which also means free. You can review the codebase at GitHub and suggest features, view the code and so much more.

We are actively working on the future of UrlHum. You can send an issue ticket directly in the GitHub page. We'll take care of it.


  • Is UrlHum really free?

    UrlHum is free and always will be. It is licensed under the MIT license, which allows you to use the app how you want; for commercial use too. Just give a little credit.

  • What does UrlHum means?

    UrlHum comes from the fusion of two words: URL, which is the acronym for Uniform Resource Locator; and the word Hum, which is the littlest city in the world. Hence, UrlHum!

  • I have a feature request, can I send it to you?

    You can create an issue con GitHub, specifying you are asking for a feature. We'll take a look at it and will decide with the community if the feature is needed. If so, we will develop it.

Still not convinced?